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If you’ve got an exciting idea, or need some creative assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would simply like to give me feedback on some of my work or share some of your wisdom I’d be grateful. You’ll be pleased to find I’m very approachable and sociable – I don’t bite…well, only when I’m hungry.

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A Few Wonderful Clients & Projects I’ve Worked With

Microsoft Windows, Arsenal FC, Sony, Pearson, Lenovo, NHS, Magellan, BBC, Vaio, Catch 22, Nikon, Positive Ins, Islington, Connexions, Hewlett Packard, Edexcel. I have had the opportunity of working with international brands as well as startup enterprises, all of which have contributed to my versatility and flexibility as a creative consultant.

A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Ogo Oluwa Pelumi Emanu’ El Igunnubole (mouthful, I know) but you can call me “Pelumi” (Pronounced Peh-loo-me) or simply “P”. I’m a London based UX/UI/Creative Consultant specialising in digital experiences with varied experience within a spectrum of disciplines; from graphic design and Illustration, to animation and interactive mobile and web solutions. With over a decade of professional experience I have extensive knowledge of effective visual communication and user experience with an unwavering dedication to developing winning solutions. My passion for harmonising style and function has never dwindled and is further nurtured by an academic diligence towards studying successful trends. I have been privileged to work with many world leading organisations as well as small business start-ups which have all contributed to becoming the versatile designer I am today.

Educational Overview

Even from primary school years I was an award winning student for my artistic skills. I went on to pass all my GCSE’s with an A* in Art and later studied English Literature, Media, and Design in College. The next stop was university where I later studied Graphic design and animation at UWE Bristol where I learned to sharpen my design skills. After successfully graduating I went on to study social entrepreneurship and embarked on a business course. My varied background in English literature, Business and Design, and general love for wide learning, all contribute to my creative output today.




My Hobbies and Interests

I used to spend about 5+ hours a day drawing and thinking up new ideas, but with increased time constraints I have to steal precious moments of time to work on personal creative works. I generally like to stay healthy and fit so I regularly jog and play sports such as tennis, football, sprinting, and golf (mini golf, I’m not ashamed), and thinking about going to the gym. I do a lot of creative writing such as poetry, articles, blogs and books. I’m currently working on a script for a graphic novel and a good old board game. I enjoy reading, watching documentaries and watching films that make me think. On rare weekends I enjoy cooking up a masterpiece (in my opinion) or discussing technology, social politics and creative ideas whilst relaxing with friends. I also enjoy listening to artist like Bob Dylan, Jason Upton and gravitate towards unconventional creativity in a wide range of genres from classical and rap to folk ballads. In recent years I have had the opportunity to travel to Spain, Kenya (to help with an orphanage), Italy, Nigeria, France, Scotland, Switzerland and Wales. From time to time I attend events expanding my brain with a range of random and not so random UX/UI and (sometimes non) design related stuff.

Featured Project

As the senior Art director at Positive Ins I planned a concept mainly designed to target entrepreneurs and business types through viral marketing. It focuses on the concept of bringing ideas to life through effective branding.