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Nathan John Family Crest

Nathan John Family Crest

Nathan John is the chief executive of Youth Enlightenment Limited and has worked as an accountant for various leading financial institutions such as Bank One, Citigroup, RBS and Barclays. He has been interviewed well over 150 times on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News, LBC, The Guardian plus more. His work within the community has resulted in his appointment as a Community Cohesion Advisor to the Mayor of Lewisham. He was also an advisor to the Stephen Lawrence Review, NPIA’s Stop and Search Community Panel and the Lewisham Youth Task Force.  On top of it all he has been invited to attend a reception at Buckingham Palace after receiving an invitation from the Queen.


Nathan asked me to create a family emblem in order to pass on the wealth of legacy to future generations. He listed a set of key values and I developed iconic ways to represent them and create a harmonious Crest. I’ve always enjoyed designing crest as they contain so much richness within them, so I was very happy to take on this project. The John Family was also very pleased with the final outcome.

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